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The goal of our Research program is to encourage and promote research and studies carried out in the fields of work, organizational behavior management, human resource management, and industrial relations.

Principal research-related activities take the following forms:

  • Theoretical and empirical research with a practical emphasis
  • Interdisciplinary research projects, including cross cultural / national comparative studies
  • Initiating contacts with similar centers around the world, but especially in neighboring countries, for the exchange of knowledge and scientists

 Performance Evaluation and Human Resource Professionalism 

 Monitoring in Organizations

Employee friendly benefits, policies and practices,and working flexibly 

 The Social Protest and itsEffects on Organizations and Management 



Prof. Itzhak Harpaz
The workaholism phenomenon: a cross-national perspective
Work Centrality and Post-Award Work Behavior of Lottery Winners
Prof. Yitzhak Samuel
The use of organizational learning mechanisms: Environmental, managerial, and cultural correlates
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Ahuva Goren-Windsor, Ph.D.
Environmental Psychologist, Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel

workplace design considerations


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