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Dr. Eran Vigoda-Gadot

Public administration: An interdisciplinary critical analysis

Prof. Itzhak Harpaz

Harpaz, I. and Snir, R. (Editors), (2015)Heavy work investment: Its nature, sources, outcomes, and future directions. New York: Rutledge

Prof. Yitzhak Samuel

Work and Organizations in Israel. Samuel, Yitzhak & Harpaz, Itzhak  (Eds.). 2004. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction.

The Political Agenda of Organizations. Samuel, Yitzhak. 2005. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction.


Prof. Raanan Lipshitz

How do professionals make decisions? Brehmer, B., Lipshitz, R., & Montgomery, H. (Eds.), 2005. Mahaw, NJ: Lawrence Erlabaum.

Demystifying organizational learning. Sage. Lipshitz, R., Popper, M., & Friedman, V. (in press).

Chapters in Books


Dr. Tali Seger


Co-author in - Management through Collaboration: Teaming in a Networked World. Book project, Chapter 16: Attitudes, perceptions' learning and stress. 


Prof. Itzhak Harpaz


Harpaz, I. (2014) Historical evolution of Human Recourse Management in Israel. In B. Kaufman (Ed.) Unity and Diversity: The Historical Development of HRM Across Nations,Cheltenham, UKEdward Elgar, 236-268.  

Harpaz, I. (2012). Precarious work in Israel. In Mishori, D. and Maor, A. (Eds.) Precarious employment: Systematic exclusion and exploitation in the labor market. Tel Aviv: The Social Economic College. [Hebrew]


Prof. Itzhak Harpaz
The workaholism phenomenon: a cross-national perspective
Work Centrality and Post-Award Work Behavior of Lottery Winners
Prof. Yitzhak Samuel
The use of organizational learning mechanisms: Environmental, managerial, and cultural correlates
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Ahuva Goren-Windsor, Ph.D.
Environmental Psychologist, Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel

workplace design considerations


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